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Introduction:  Fakr-ul-masjid, locally known as lal masjid. A simply attractive red building located in the busy market of the bada bazaar in kashmiri gate. The reason behind the name was that red sandstone is used in the construction.  Most of the nakkashi work of the masjid seems to be hidden behind the trap of shops at the entrance. Mosque also has three white domes and four minarets with black stripes, rising along busy street, cars and motorbikes parked in front.  Also a small room for the caretaker or you can say guide is inside the mosque who can explain the importance of this beautiful place and the story related to its construction.

History:  It was built in 1728-29 by Kaniz-i-Fatima, in memory of her husband Shujaat Khan, a noble in Aurangzeb’s court. This mosque was constructed on the order  of Kaniz-I-fatima in memories of  her  husband  shujaat khan. He was a commander in the army of Aurangzeb and was killed in one of the battles. Later the mosque was repaired by Colonel James Skinner. This mosque seems to be an important landmark  1857 battle.

Open: Daily

Prayer timings:  Sunrise to 10.00 p.m , Namaaz five times daily

Address: Bada bazaar, Kashmere  gate, Delhi-11006

Nearest metro station: Kashmere gate

Celebrations:  Bakr-Eid, Eid

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