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Jain Mandir dadabari

Introduction: A very beautiful modern marble building which is richly decorate known as jain mandir which is located on the main road which one can find while coming back from the Qutub Minar. Temple is dedicated to a jain saint known as Shri Jinchandra Suri, who renounced the world at the age of six. He was one of those rare men, who had a gem (Mani) in his forehead and therefore known as ‘Manidhari’. The samadhi of the Guru jinchanda Suruswarji Maharaj is placed inside the complex. This place has become a centre of  religious journey, and national intergration, where Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains alike come and pray for peace.

History:  The samadhi of Guru Jinchanda Suruswarji maharaj within the complex is said to be more than 800 years old. According to stories, Guru ji instructed his followers that his body should not be kept anywhere while preparing for the funeral. Everyone was so sad and they forgot his instructions and set his body on the ground. When they tried to move it again, they couldn’t. Even elephants were used, but all attempts failed and the last rites had to be performed right there, at the spot where the shrine now stands.

Address: Devi Puriji Ashram Road, Ladha Sarai Village, Mehrauli, Delhi-110030

Open: Daily

Nearest metro station: Qutb minar

Celebrations: Kartik purnima, the birthday of Jinchandra Suri, and annual Bhado Sudhi Satvam Attham

Contact no.: 011-26642640

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