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Kalkaji mandir

Introduction: Kalkaji Mandir, a temple dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Kali. Kali maa was an incarnation of maa durga. This temple is situated in the southern part of Delhi, Kalkaji. This locality is named after the temple. The sculpture of Goddess Kali is said to be the self-manifested one and dates back to the Sat-Yuga. The main sculpture of Goddess Kali is a black stone which is under the beautiful twelve sided structure with a verandah. The temple complex is a simple structure totally made up of white marble and granite tiles. Temple also houses a guest house namele “Kaali Dharamshala” which was built to provide the accommodation facilities for the visitors and devotees.  It is also known as ‘Jayanti Peetha’ or ‘Manokamna Siddha Peetha’ which literally means that all the desires of the devotees are fulfilled after visiting this temple. This shrine attracts visitors from all over the country. This temple is among those shrines which were constructed hundreds of years ago.

History: The oldest part of the kalkaji mandir is known to have existed at least since 1764. In the mid 19th century, Raja Kedarnath who was the treasurer of Akbar second made few changes in temple. The present structure was constructed in the early 20th century with the contributions from the devotees. Lord Krishna had worshipped here with Pandavas not only before going to the battle of ‘Kurukshetra’ but also after winning the battle.

Open: Tuesday to Sunday

Timings: 6.00AM to 10.00PM

Aarti timings:

  • 6:00 AM (Snan)
  • 7:00PM

Address: Kalkaji Mandir, Block 9, Kalkaji, Delh- 110048

Nearest metro station: kalkaji

Celebrations: Navratris

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