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Firozshah Jami Masjid

Introduction: Along with many other famous structures of Firoz Shah Kotla Fort also houses a very unique mosque named as “Jami Masjid”. This unique structure is located inside deep within Ferozshah Kotla fort premises approached from Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg. It was built made of quartzite stone covered with lime plaster which gave it a white tincture. At present the plaster is covered with a thick layer of black fungus. Mosque is sitting on a series of cells in the ground floor. Jami masjid is surrounded by a mountainous courtyard alongwith a Prayer Hall though only a rear wall standing on the western side can be spotted. There used to be four gates of the mosque but only two can be seen today. The main entrance to the mosque is to the north because it was approached to the river. Just like othere delhi mosque this too can be visited whole day long accept during the prayer session. A larger number of disciples come here daily to write letters to the Djinns of this fort. Offerings here are milk, sweets, fruits and sometimes meat loaf can also be there.

History: This mosque built by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in 1354 is among the few of the surviving structures inside the fort. This was the largest among the seven mosques built in Delhi during Tughlaq’s reign.

This mosque was once the main faithful mosque of Tughlaqabad- the fifth city. This mosque is probably one of the antediluvian and some of the residual belonging to the Tughlaq dynasty. The Mosque is said to be visited by Sultan Timur in the end of 1398 to pray. After the visit he found the structure very much impressive and decided to take all the workers along with him to Samarkhand to built an identical mosque.

Open:  Daily

Prayer time: Sunrise to Sunset

Address: Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi

Near Metro Station: Delhi Gate

Celebration:  Eid-al-adha

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