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Ghaziuddin madarsa

Introduction: Ghaziuddin madarsa or todays Anglo arabic school located in the Ajmeri Gate of Delhi. Educating Muslims about the Islamic Community, its culture and religion was the main purpose of making madarsa. Despite being madarsa this was Ghaziuddin’s last resting place also. As far as architecture in concerned, a small and beautiful red marble structure decorated with floral motifs guarded with grills. On the west corner of the madarsa there is a three domed mosque layed by minarets. While on the northern side some graves are lying, one of the graves is of Ghaziuddin Khan. Tomb remains locked most of the time. However, tourists and visitors can request for the key from the Principle of the School.

History:  Madarsa was built by Mir Shahbuddin who was a minister of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. Ghaziuddin Khan was popularly known as the father of the first Nizam of Hyderabad. The Madrasa was closed in 1790 AD after the death of Ghaziuddin Khan and later was reopened in  1824 AD near Ajmeri Gate by the British East India Company in order to spread English education. The Madrasa was renamed as the Anglo Arabic school.

Open: Daily

Address: Ajmeri Gate, Delhi-110006

Nearest metro station: Chawri bazar

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