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Gurudwara Damdama Sahib

Introduction: Gurdwara Damdama Sahib is located at the back side of Humayun tomb in New Delhi. This gurdwara is dedicated to the Tenth Sikh guru, Guru Gobind singh. This place marks the site where the meeting of the Prince Muazzam and Guru Gobind Singh took place. The Structure of gurudwara is not very large but is beautifully constructed with white marble. While entering one can see that gurudwara houses a huge langar hall at the ground floor and is surrounded with arcade. There is a flight of steps that lead to the gurudwara as the main Gurudwara is present above the langar hall. The roof is decorated with domes at each corner. The Gurudwara is visited by large number of devotees during “Hola Mohalla” in the month of February and March. Palace is surrounded with lush green gardens which make it the more attractive ans soothing place for the devotees to spend time in here.

History: Gurudwara first used to be a small structure built by Sardar Bhagel Singh in 1783. It was built after when a huge Sikh army under his command conquered Delhi. Later it was renovated by Maharaja Maharaja Ranjit Singh and some additions were made like quarters for priests and devotees and a deorhi was also constructed.The new building which you can see today was constructed in 1984. Gurudwara was built on the banks of river Yamuna where Guru Gobind Singh met the Prince Muazzam who later became Emperor Bahadur Shah. Prince wanted Guru Gobind singh ji to help him in the battle to succession of the throne. During the meeting an entertainment program of bull and elephant fights was organized. After the arrival at the site Guru ji was honoured by a contingent of Mughal army.

Open: Daily

Address: Gurdwara Damdama Sahib, Nizamuddin East, Delhi – 110013

Nearest metro station: Jang Pura

Celebrations: Hola Mohalla, Guru Purab

Contact no.: 011-4647702

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