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Jamaat Khana Masjid Nizamuddin

Introduction: Khizri Mosque/ khilji mosque or Jama’at khana masjid is one of the earliest mosques in Delhi that is still offered five times a day. Jamat Khana literally means ‘A place of worship in which a congregation gathers for prayers’ or ‘House of ALI’. The red sandstone structure has its own beautify which cannot be defined in possible words. It is located to the west of Nizamuddin’s Tomb or the main shrine of Nizamuddin dargah. This structure is the largest in the Nizamuddin Basti measuring 100 feet wide and the central dome is 50 feet in height. Many people resemble this mosque to the Alai Darwaza in Qutb complex because mosque too has three bays and out of these three bays the Central Bay is tallest. Be it cement plaster or the damaged sandstone blocks this mosque has gone through a lot of repairs time to time. One can see beautiful Quranic inscriptions on both inside and ouside the mosque.

History: Jamaat khana mosque is said to have been built in 1315-1325 AD (Khilji Dynasty) by Khizr Khan. He was the first son of Sultan Alauddin Khilji. This is a very significant mosque and legend has it that Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya used to offer namaaz here. This is probably the only khilji era mosque in Delhi which is still alive and people offer Namaz here. This is also said to have been built to serve as the tomb of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya.

Open: Daily

Namaz timings: Five time daily

Address: Near Baoli Gate, Nizamuddin West, Delhi-110013

Nearest metro station: JLN Stadium

Celebrations: URS, EID-ul- MILAD and EID-ul-NABI

Near by:

Humayun tomb

Safdarjung tomb

Dargah nizamuddin

Purana quila

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