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Mubarakpur tomb

Introduction: The structure and design of Mubarak Shah Tomb is very attractive. It was built with an octagonal plan, enclosed in an octagonal compound with gates. But now there are only the south and west gates exist while the compound walls and other gates have disappeared. The Sultan personally planned its construction during his lifetime. The tombs of Mubarak Shah and Muhammad Shah are looking  very similar, although it is built in ten years apart and in different locations. It  might possible the both monuments were built and design by the same architect. One of the major difference lies in the different heights of the dome in proportion to the rest of the building. Mubarak’s tomb has a dome 4 feet lower than that of Muhammad, and it makes the dome out of proportion with the rest of the building. Thus, Mubarak’s dome is too small for the size of the drum and the base of the verandah, and too flat to be attractive.

History: Mubarak Shah Sayyid, the second ruler of Sayyid dynasty died in A.D. 1434. These monuments are scattered over the densely populated areas of Kotla Mubarakpur and its adjacent areas such as Kidwai Nagar East and South Extension. There are many Tombs in Mubarakpur Complex which was very attractive.

DARYA KHAN’S TOMB: One such Tomb belongs to Darya Khan Lohani which dates back to the 16th Century AD. Darya Khan was a Chief Justice Officer during the Bahlul Khan Lodhi reign and was appointed as an Advocate during the reign of Sikander Lodi Dynasty. Today, the Tomb of Darya Khan is seen only as a circular platform that sits over another round raised platform set in ruins but must have had a spectacular view centuries ago.

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