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Razia Sultan’s Tomb

Introduction: A very small rubble stone Tomb is located very near to Kalan Masjid which belongs to Razia Sultan. This place is living in the area namely ‘Bulbuli Khana’ which is located between Sitaram Bazaar and Turkman Gate. After entering into the courtyard one will see another unknown tomb. One of them is said to have belonged to her sister, Shazia. Two smaller graves can be seen on the third corner of the patio which could be of Razia’s children. According to many shopkeepers and local resident the tomb has been in this state from more than 20 years. This area used to be a dense jungle but today has been totally converted into a Mosque by the Muslim residents of this area. Today some people come here to offer namaz only.

History: Jalalat-ud-din Razia or popularly known as Razia Sultan was the daughter of Shams-ud-din Iltutmish. Who was one of the rulers of Slave dynasty. Razia sultan was the first and only female Emperor of Delhi Sultanate. Not only Delhi but Kaithal and Tonk(Rajasthan) are the two places where Razia is claimed to be buried. Until today her death still a mystery but legend has that she was assassinated by her brother Muiz-us-din-Bahram Shah who later became the ruler of Delhi Sultanate. This tomb was also constructed by him after Razia’s demise. Razia proved to be among the most notable and powerful rulers of the Delhi Sultanate. She also established many schools, academies, and public libraries that included the works of ancient Hindu philosophers along with the Quraan.

Address: Bulbuli khana, Turkman Gate

Entry fee: Free

Timing: Sunrise to Sunset

Photography: Free

Nearest metro station: Chawri bazaar, New Delhi

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