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Salimgarh fort

Salimgarh fort

Salimgarh fort Introducton.

The Salimgarh Fort is a not so frequently visited fort situated inside the Red Fort complex. The fort has an asymmetrical triangular plan having thick walls like other Delhi forts built in rubble masonry. This giant fort has circular towers of strength also known as bastions which can also be seen in Tughlaqabad fort. Hence, one can enter into this fort through the gate known as Bahadur Shah Gate which is present inside the complex. Gate is made up of huge bricks and beautiful use of red sandstone can also be spotted.

After crossing the bridge one will find himself in another world of calmness where hustle bustle of civilians can be rarely seen. Originally built as a fort but later was converted into a prison by Aurangzeb. Salimgarh fort also witnessed the imprisonement of his brother Murad Baksh. Some years ago this fort got his new name “Swatantrata Senani Smarak” and some chambers also got converted into the museum in memories of the prisoners who died in this fort while they were in the prison. The Fort has been compared to the Tower of London in England where state prisoners were imprisoned till death or faded away in the prison. The fort once houses many lofty citadels, but now has turned into the ruins today.


Sher shah suri defeated the great Mughal emperor Humayun in 1540 AD and established the throne of Sur Dynasty in Delhi. Salimgarh fort was completely constructed in 1546 AD by Salim shah suri who was the son of Sher shah suri. Legend has that the bridge which links Red Fort to this Fort was constructed by Bahadur Shah Zafar in 1855 AD. After the construction of that bridge the fort began to be used as a state prison. Not only during aurangzez but the British also used it as a prison.

Many leaders of Indian National Army were imprisoned here from 1945 until independence in 1947. It was Salimgarh fort only where Humayun stayed for three days and planned the game plan for launching his attack to recapture Delhi. Fort also got modified while british rule added railway line after demolishing an old bridge. This railway line acts as a division between Red fort and Salimgarh fort. This railway line can be seen today while entering into the salimgarh fort premises.

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Address: Red fort Complex

Entry fee: Free

Timing: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Photography: Allowed for free

Nearest metro station: Chandni chowk

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