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Sunehri masjid

Intorduction:  The gurudwara sis ganj next door is the sunehri  masjid ,or golden mosque. The Persian emperor Nadir Shah invaded India in order to plunder the magnificent wealth of the floundering Mughal Empire. This part of history becomes important in the context of the aptly named Sunehri Masjid (“Golden Mosque”), located on the central Chandni Chowk street of Old Delhi as it was from the ramparts of this mosque that Nadir Shah displayed his unsheathed sword as a signal to commence the slaughter & witnessed the entire scene unfold in the next 6 hours. Although the Mughal army was crushed & all forts & public utilities handed over to the invading army by the then emperor Muhammad Shah, in the absence of proper governance & policing & fuelled by several rumours regarding his assassination, Nadir Shah faced a rioting by the local population of Old Delhi/Shahjanabad.

History:  Masjid  was  built in 1721-22 by shah bhik, an writing on the mosque brags about it being ”matchless  in the world for its magnificence”. It was most important of this mosque derived not from its elegant or religious impressiveness, but from the fact that it is from this spot that Nadir Shah, Emperor of Persia, orderd and oversaw the loot and eliminate of the residence of Shahjahanabad in 1739.

Open: Daily

Prayer time: 5.00 a.m -10 p.m

Address: 1919, Chandni Chowk Road, Chhippy Wada, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi 110006

Near metro station: chandni chowk

Contact no. : 1800 112 2110

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