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Tomb of Isa Khan

Introduction:  Tomb is situated near the Humayun’s Tomb complex, stands to the south of the Bu Halima garden at the entrance of the complex, which was built later. This tomb is Built within an enclosed octagonal garden. This octagonal tomb has distinct ornamentation in the form of canopies, glazed tiles, and a deep veranda surrounding it, which is supported by pillars. An inscription on a red sandstone slab indicates that the tomb is that of Masnad Ali Isa Khan, son of Niyaz Aghwan. The structure follows the pattern of the lodi tombs. Inside the tomb chamber there are two large graves and four smaller ones, but it is difficult to spot the grave of Isa Khan  and nothing much is known about the occupant of the other five graves.

History : It used to be the resting place of Isa Khan Niyazi, a noble of influence at the court of Sher Shan Suri. Even after Sher Shah’s death in 1545, Isa Khan continued to serve under his son and successor Islam Shah Suri. Isa Khan decided to built himself a tomb and it was constructed within his lifetime, during 1547 – 48.

Address: Humayun tomb

Entry fee: Free

Timing: Sunrise to Sunset

Photography: Still free

Nearest metro station: JLN metro station

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