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Zinat-ul-mahal or ghata masjid

Introduction: Zinat-ul-masjid also known as Ghata masjid, “ghata” literally known as cloud in english. This mosque looks very similar to Jama masjid as the mosque is constructed with red sandstone and white marbel. The two minarets are made of red sandstone. Like many other delhi mosques, this mosque too is built on a raised platform and has a large courtyard. A tank is made in the center area of the masjid although it is not in use now. Masjid also houses many basement chambers. Two entrance gates are there in the mosque, the main entrance is from southern side while the northern side entrance remains closed. Earlier mosque also houses the tomb of Zinat begum but in 1857, the British destroyed the tomb of Zeenat Begum and turned the masjid into a bakery

History: The Masjid was built in 1707 AD by Aurangzeb’s daughter Zinat-ul-Nissa Begum and therefore is named after her. She was buried in 1711 in the tomb which she built for herself in the mosque. The British removed the tomb after the 1857 war when they used the mosque for military purposes. Masjid also used as a bakery for the troops.

Open: Daily

Address: Darya Ganj, Delhi-110002

Nearest metro station: Kashmere gate

Celebrations: Eid, Bakr-Eid, Shabb-e-raat

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