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Delhi is a food paradise for vegetarians as well as non vegetarians as you can find almost all types of Indian cuisine here. Be it Indian, Mughalai, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Bengali, South Indian, Kashmiri or any possible place. A fusion of eighteenth century’s style of cooking with twenty-first century’s techniques will make you feel like having a meal in king’s palace. Just like city’s long connection from history many cuisines too have been following mughal and Turkic style of cooking. As we all know that every street of Old Delhi has its own special food which has no match.

If you are a mcD or KFC lover you might be facing some problems. But for those who are not so conscious, they must try the Street food like Gol Gappa, Aloo ki Tikki, Chole Bhature, Samosas, Pao Bhaji and extremely spicy sprouts. Wait! List will not end here. If one wants to taste non-vegetarian food then you should go for ‘kebabs’ with ‘Rumali roti’ and ‘Shahi tukda’ as a dessert which is hot and cold at a same time which you can find in the market near Jama masjid or Nizamuddin dargah. But yes we bet you will forget all the high rise building’s food after eating ‘Chholey kulche’ from a rehdi wala (street

Hawker) in here. In short you can taste any type of Indian cuisines having an unforgettable taste at nominal price. Not only this, City also houses a large number of Café and lounge where one can enjoy weekend with your loved ones and have a cup of coffee or might be hard drinks with mouth-watering snacks or sugar coated desserts and cakes. Apart from local restaurants and street food, Delhi also has five star hotels and fine dining sumptuous restaurants

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