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Ancient Delhi has some of the most beautiful and incredible Monuments that keep attracting millions of tourists across the globe. Delhi has been the city of the rulers like the Delhi sultanate, Tughlaqs, Mughals, Lodhis, Sayyids, and the British Raj. Though every one of them had their unique style of construction. Many monuments were made by them which one can see while walking through the threadlike streets of Old Delhi. Many were either made as holy places or Royal houses for themselves. Once Delhi was the historical pride and New Delhi which is today modern city was designed by the British who also made this their Capital City. Today some of these, like Jama Masjid, are living monuments, many others are not. The countless old monuments in Delhi never stop to charm locals and visitors alike. But to glamorize and renovate the monuments is the reason that most of the monuments has changed a lot with past years.

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