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Chandni Chowk Market

Introduction: Located in Old Delhi the oldest and busiest market of Delhi, Chandni chowk. Translated as ‘moonlit square’. This over crowded market with miniature shops in Delhi-6 is known all around the world for many good reasons. Instead of malls and sharp lighted showrooms one can see shops under the verandah of old construction buildings and many of them are more than 100 years old and are running by the third or fourth generation of its founder. This market proves to be a great place for window shopping for Jewellery, Sarees, handicraft items, suits etc. One can find whatever he needs from bridal accessories (lehengas and sarees) to the toys for your child. There are many kuchas and galliyans in this market and each one of them have their own specialty and on every corner you will find something special to eat but you can find your stuff only if you know which Gali sells what. If you are a mall shopper than it it’s a totally different world where all the things are running and moving fast here and there in the narrow streets. All goods are sold at impressively cheap rates but this does not mean that one cannot bargain. A trip to Delhi will never be completed without visiting this market. Merchants from turkey,china ,Holland  have been visiting this market from Mughal Era.

Known for/Speciality: Ladies suit, Lehngas , and never ending and un comparable delicious food etc.

Open:  Monday to Saturday (9.30 am – 8.30 pm)

Nearest metro station: chandni chowk

Other facitlities:

  • Parking: parade ground , Mcd car parking
  • ATM: south Indian bank, induslnd bank, state bank of india
  • Food near you: Punjabi chicken, bishan swaroop, karim’s

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