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Chawri Bazaar

Chawri bazaar, one of the most visited market of old delhi. The word ‘chawri’ came from sanskrit word ‘chawat’ which means a place where four roads meet. This is India’s biggest market for hardware items and wholesale paper selling wallpapers, paper for decoration, gift wrapping paper, office stationery and lots more. It is also specialized for wedding cards which are appreciated by clients for use of innovative and creative patterns, colours and mesmerizing designs. Also there are few shops selling brass and copper utensils. Like many other markets of delhi-6 this market too is overcrowded with cycle rickshaws on both the side of road, hand thela’s, pedestrians shopping in bazaar and street food vendors selling food and other things. Today where chawri bazar metro station is located once was the place where tram used to run before 1956.

The market is built in 1840. Chawri bazaar’s old buildings today have been turned into “modern buildings”.

Known for/Speciality: It is a specialized for paper and wedding card

Open: 9:00AM to 8:00PM

Nearest metro station: Chawri bazaar

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