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The Garden of Five Senses

As the name suggests, the garden of five senses wakes up all your five senses (Feel, sight, touch, smell, and hearing) with its allure. Garden covers a healthy area of more than 20 acres in the village Said-ul-ajaib, Mehrauli. This garden was inaugurated in February 2003 by Mrs Sheela Dixit. Park took 3 years to be completely constructed and a sum of more than 10crores was incurred. This has been beautified and developed by Delhi Tourism Transportation Development Corporation. The Garden of Five Senses is a spectacular park which offers variety of activities including pools of water lilies, bamboo courts, herb gardens and solar energy park.

Moreover, this beautiful garden is a home to more than two hundred varieties of plants though the Kikar and Ber bush can be seen everywhere. Garden also houses a replica of the Labná Arch as a goodwill gesture. Arch was built by the millenary culture of the Mayans and was inaugurated on 16 September 2013 by Mrs. Sheila Dikshit and the Mexican Ambassador Jaime Nualart. Inside the park there are more than 30 food and shopping outlets with amazing seating arrangements where you can refill your stomach and some liquor serving bars are also there for hard drinks lover. While entering one can see artificial stainless-steel birds placed on pillars welcoming you into the park and the sculpture of ‘A Fountain Tree” will make your day for sure.

Address: Said-ul-Ajaib, M.B. Road, New Delhi, Saket

Nearest metro station: Saket

Contact no.: 29536401, 29534519(TeleFax)

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